Board Meeting Minutes-Regular Meeting
July 27, 2020

1. Board Members present: Bishop, Hoffman, Mark, McClure, Stark, and Alexander from Towne Properties. Shankman absent.
2. The Board welcomed Deanna McClure to her first meeting as Board member.
3. Minutes of June 22, 2020 Board meeting were approved.
4. The Board took the following action regarding officers:
Jim Mark completed his term and will remain on the Board as a member. THANK YOU for those 4 years as president;
Rick Hoffman was subsequently elected as president;
Deanna McClure was elected secretary, replacing Rick;
Ron Shankman retains the treasurer position.
5. The Board authorized Bob Stark to contact the arborist to secure 2 tree limb issues at the East end of the property along the line with the Villas from the wind storm (estimated- $600).
6. The Board authorized the property manager to begin the asphalt repair work that was estimated and budgeted at $16,000. Once a time and date are finalized a communication will be sent to owners.
7. The Board again reviewed the pool situation and with the renewed restrictions occurring in the State to forego the season.
8. The Board affirmed the following:
5359 Langwell- installation of an emergency generator;
5549 Midfield- repair work for the porch area on rear of unit;
Approved invoice from Collinsworks for website maintenance $150;
9. Painting continues with anticipated completion date of mid August, weather permitting.
10. Next Meeting August 24, 2020.
RH Hoffman
Board President